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Bees live in a colony, which includes one queen, workers, and drones.

The queen is a large female bee who has the important job of laying eggs. She can live several years and lay several thousand eggs in a day.

Drones are male bees whose only known purpose is to mate with the queen.

Worker bees are female bees that do not lay eggs, but do all of this work around hives such as cleaning, nursing brood, patrolling for pests, and building beeswax. These worker bees also are the ones that forage for honey, and will forage up to two miles in every direction from the hive for nectar and pollen, covering over 8000 acres. In a typical hive there are about 80,000 worker bees that work together as a team to accomplish all of these jobs. Most workers live less than sixty days and will fly around 2000 miles in their lifetimes.